It's pretty simple, actually. Fed up with leftist ideologies permeating the children's publishing world, we decided to come up with an alternative organization for writers and illustrators.  An online space to share ideas, critique one another's work, and eventually make connections with agents and publishers.

We hope you'll join us.


Our Mission

Our Mission

Traditional Literature for Children, TLC, is a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization for writers or illustrators of children’s books.


Our mission is to provide an online space where authors and illustrators can improve their craft, exchange ideas, and form a community.  We welcome those interested in bringing back traditional, family-friendly values to kid lit.


TLC is home to established writers and illustrators, as well as those just starting out.  It will also be a conduit between the creators of kid lit and the publishing world.

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Membership is for any writer, illustrator, educator, or student with a passion for creating quality, family-friendly books, from board books to middle grade.  We welcome all parents concerned with the quality and content of children’s books.


  • are part of a forum where story ideas and kid lit info are shared.

  • have the opportunity to join critique groups where they work on their craft.

  • have access to lists of conservative agents and publishers in the kid lit world.

The benefits of membership:

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